Northern Lights Cruises with Hurtigruten Cruise

While the thoughts of most people interested in going on a cruise turn to sun and tropical island visits, cruises aren’t exclusively popular in the Caribbean. At Scandinavian American World Tours, we specialize in providing unique luxury cruise trips for those who are fascinated by the beauty of the north—in particular that of Norway, Greenland, and Iceland.

We may be (a little) biased, but we happen to think that some of the world’s best cruises are offered by our partner cruise line, Hurtigruten—in particular, their Northern Lights itineraries.

Chase the Northern Lights on a Hurtigruten Cruise

Given Hurtigruten’s 120+ years of experience running cruises and our longstanding partnership, we think you’ll be very satisfied with this fantastic cruise line. There are many different kinds of cruises to choose from, and we're here to both streamline the process with Hurtigruten and make sure all aspects of your trip — journeys in Norway, Iceland, or Greenland included — goes smoothly.

During these cruises, you’ll spend 6-12 full days inside the Arctic Circle and see some of Earth’s most spectacular scenery.

Visit historic sites along the classic Hurtigruten route

Travel along the coast of Norway and you’ll get to see the famous Hjørundfjord as well as visit two of the world’s most northern towns, Hammerfest and Honningsvåg. You can explore the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’—the lovely city of Tromsø—the former Norwegian capital city of Trondheim, and the spectacular Lofoten Islands. There are a full 34 stops on the route, thanks to Hurtigruten's previous stint as the Norwegian mail carrier.

Unlike many Caribbean cruises, where the ports of call are more interesting than the cruise itself, Hurtigruten makes sure its cruises take advantage of every minute of the day. Each and every journey is filled with world-class scenes that will leave you speechless!

Some of the stops are fairly quick: just long enough to allow the unloading of supplies for each port. In many ports, however, there is more time available, and activities such as dog sledding or snow shoeing can be arranged along with visits to the towns along the route.

Of course you don’t want to miss an opportunity to hunt for the Northern Lights, so most passengers spend plenty of time on deck each evening, cameras at the ready. For those spending time outside, plenty of warm food and drink is always available!

Join this amazing Northern Light experience from Bergen

Your journey will start at the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed city of Bergen and take in 34 ports of call over the next 12 days. At its northernmost point your vessel will be just 10 kilometers from the Russian border, and over 70° N latitude. In Kirkenes you can visit the world famous SnowHotel* and have a drink in its snow bar, visit a local museum, or take an exciting snowmobile safari!

Chances are pretty high that you’ll see the Northern Lights (and quite possibly more than once!) but—Aurora Borealis or not—you will have enjoyed one of the world’s most spectacular cruises in an area that is unique for its spectacular natural beauty as well as its attractive towns, ports, and small cities.

On the ship you can attend interesting presentations, take part in activities both inside and on deck, and enjoy yourself in the relaxed ambience of Hurtigruten life. Unlike many commercial cruise lines, Hurtigruten is deeply woven into the national fabric of Norway, and it’s truly a Norwegian experience. Meeting fellow travelers and interacting with the friendly and knowledgeable crew all contribute to making this an unforgettable experience!

Interested? We're here for any questions you have. We look forward to showing you the fascinating beauty of the Northern Lights!