Now Booking Flights to Scandinavia and Beyond

Scandinavian American World Tours has gone through a number of exciting changes in the past few months, and starting today, we’re adding one more: flights!

Now—in addition to offering you first-class accommodations and experiences in our destinations—we will also offer you great rates and high-quality airline services. We pride ourselves on providing Scandinavian journeys that are truly all-inclusive, and we’re delighted to continue adding on to the benefits we provide.

So whether you’re looking to explore the beauty of Norway’s fjords, enjoy the culinary delights of Copenhagen, or catch nature’s greatest light show in Lapland, we’ll be here to make sure you don’t have to stress about getting a flight. Our team of trip planners will be ready to help you book flights as part of the booking process, to ensure you’re getting the best rates, convenient flight times, and more.

Here are some of our favorite unique journeys (click each title for more):

Norway's Fjords & Historic Balestrand

Unusually beautiful and culturally complex, Norway is on many traveler’s bucket lists – and for good reason. This journey through the western fjord region, commonly known as fjord Norway, incorporates the must-see destination of Balestrand. Situated right on the main avenue of the Sognefjord, Balestrand plays host to astonishingly scenic views as well as providing access to a wonderful array of excursions such as hiking or sea kayaking. Nearby, Ciderhuset’s restaurant –  set in the midst of its gorgeous orchard – is open during weekday afternoons mid-June through mid-August, and can be counted on to deliver an extraordinary view complete with Norwegian cuisine and house-made ciders or juices.

Scandinavian Capitals: History and Food

True to form, Scandinavian Capitals is a look at the charming cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Bergen. It also incorporates a short stay (or long, if you have the time) in the Norwegian fjords at the intersection of the UNESCO World Heritage Nærøyfjord and the Aurlandsfjord, the most famous regions of the Sognefjord.

In addition, you can also enjoy a fabulous sampling of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian gourmet cuisine on our CopenhagenStockholm, and Oslo food tours.

Swedish Lapland and the Lights of Abisko

There’s truly nothing else like it: the Aurora Borealis teases its admirers in undulating waves across the Scandinavian night sky, and there may be no better place to see it than the Aurora Sky Station of Abisko National Park. Catch the open chair lift up the mountain, and see for yourself the stars and the magic of the Northern Lights above with zero light pollution!