Ride the Flåm Railway, One of the World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys

Ride the Flåm Railway, and experience a train journey like no other!  Surrounded by breathtaking rivers, cascading waterfalls and steep snowcapped mountains, the famous Flåm Railway is one of Norway’s most spectacular tourist attractions. The over 12-mile-long train journey is one of the world’s steepest railway lines—a descent of 2,838 feet down the side of the world-famous Sognefjord—offering some of Norway’s most awe-inspiring scenery and attracting people from all over the world.

The Flåm Railway Journey

Nestled in lush mountain scenery and a warm coastal climate, the Flåm Railway begins its journey from the blue fjord arm of the Aurlandsfjord.

Shortly into your journey you will be able witness the remarkable Rjoandefossen waterfalls, cascading down the mountainside. As the journey continues, the Flåm Railway crosses an orchid filled valley, traveling alongside a river and through mountain tunnels. When you arrive at Berekvam Station, take in the stunning rugged mountain scenery, gushing river streams flowing down the valley slopes, and deep narrow ravines. In addition to the peaceful and gorgeous scenery of Flåm Valley, experience the wondrous and rugged beauty of a majestic mountainside at Blomheller Station.

Immensely popular with photographers worldwide, the picturesque landscape has an abundance of breathtaking scenery, providing the perfect backdrop to a modern mountain goat farm with 150 goats at Kårdal. As you leave Nåli, you will get the chance to experience the railway track on four different levels on the mountainside as the railway makes it ascent to Myrdal. At Kjosfossen you can stand on a platform, providing the perfect photo opportunity to capture the spectacular Kjosfossen Waterfall cascading off the steep mountain side. While taking your final look at the gorgeous mountain scenery, you will also be able to see a beautiful mountain lake as the train travels through Reinungvatnet.

On the last leg of your journey, you will travel through snow shelter tunnels where you will eventually arrive at Myrdal—the final stop on the Flåm Railway.

You can begin this incredible voyage either from Flåm Station or from Myrdal, and take it one way or as a round trip.

Flåm Railway: a Must for Traveling to Norway

Open all year and running an impressive 4 times a day October-April and 10 times a day May-September, this astonishing rail trip is a must see for any traveler visiting Norway. No Norway trip would be complete without a day on the Flåm Railway!

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